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About Us

2 tons of pet flake production per hour for granule and compound producers with 5.000m² closed and 1.500m² open area.

Al-Pet Recycling contributes to the re-processing of used pet bottles, performs pet flake production by planning to classify it as raw material and reduce dependence on natural resources. Acting with this responsibility awareness, it targets pet flake products and granite and compound producers in domestic and international markets.

Pet uses its powerful and technological infrastructure for recycling and refining. Thanks to its staff with experience and experience in its own segment, it identifies potential customers for each product to be produced in its facility and operates under the leadership of a world-class top management with proven talent and direct experience in market segments. It uses most of the technological, equipment and production techniques used in existing industrial applications in its own facilities with a closed area of ​​5.000m² and an open area of ​​1,500m².

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